Healthcare Expertise

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hlb-55371454Sustaining Healthy Practices

Sound guidance, careful planning and targeted solutions are vital in healthcare. Since the healthcare industry operates in a highly regulated and ever changing business environment. In order to stay competitive and be successful, it is more important than ever that your practice has access to high-quality guidance and support from a trusted financial and business advisor.

With specialized industry expertise in providing services to healthcare organizations, we help clients maximize their operational efficiency resulting in increased profits. In addition to assisting with tax, accounting and auditing matters, we can offer unique insight to help address the specific challenges of healthcare organizations.

Healthcare providers are dealing with rising costs, changing Medicare requirements, a need for increased capital, ever-changing technological advancements and an uncertain future for healthcare plans. HLB Gross Collins, P.C. can help recognize
issues — both current and potential — and lead you to a solution that allows for more productive operating systems.

We offer the following:

• Performance reviews to evaluate and improve processes
• Guidance and assistance on managing patient accounts receivable and accounts payable to achieve maximum profitability
• Knowledge of best practices within the healthcare industry and how to apply those practices within your business to improve the bottom line
• An understanding of trends in your industry and a thorough knowledge of the most recent tax and accounting laws that affect you directly
• Expertise in valuations, mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance
• Options for employee compensation plans