On Friday 7 June, HLB International celebrated its 50th anniversary this year by coming together to support local and international community projects for #HLBCommunities Day.

The network's first global Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, #HLBCommunities Day saw HLB collectively volunteer 8,497 hours through 1,320 participants across 42 community projects.

#HLBCommunities Day saw diverse social, educational and environmental initiatives take place across the world, all with the common theme of giving back to local communities. Firms took part in projects including: donating time to after school programs, maintaining outdoor spaces such as local gardens, beaches, and school facilities through to volunteering with the elderly and at food banks.

Marco Donzelli, HLB's Chief Executive Officer, said: "It was fantastic to see so many amazing projects taking place in celebration of our 50th anniversary. For us, #HLBCommunities Day is not only an opportunity for us to build internal relationships and showcase our community involvement but it allows us all to connect on a global level and share in the impact we create together as a network."

#HLBCommunities Day is just one of the many events taking place during 2019, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of HLB.